Top sellers

  • Bushy Fork Red
    Bushy Fork Red

    Double Gold Winner.  Best seller list.  Three MUSCADINES blended...

  • Triple Springs
    Triple Springs

    On the approach the abundant and bold fruity flavors capture your...

  • Cork & Pork Wine
    Cork & Pork Wine

    Gold Winner. Best seller list. A classic southern tradition is a pig...

  • Red Mountain Red
    Red Mountain Red

    Gold Winner, Grape Juice with a “Kick”, a sweet red wine, fruity nose,...

  • Flat River White
    Flat River White

    Gold Winner. Best seller list. Taste like eating fresh grapes off the...

  • Blackberry Patch
    Blackberry Patch

    Blackberry Patch: Our Award winning Blackberry wine is made from real...

  • Viognier 2015
    Viognier 2015

    This full-bodied dry white wine is delicate and remarkably smooth from...

  • Slushy Kit
    Slushy Kit

    LUSHY SLUSHY KIT – (1 Bottle Red Mountain Red & 1 Lushy Slushy Mix)...

  • Chardonnay 2015
    Chardonnay 2015

    As you start to pour your first glass of this special chardonnay, the...

  • Black Cherry Tree
    Black Cherry Tree

    Black Cherry Tree:  Real fruit is the foundation for the best wines.  We...